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Darkness over the world!
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Armored Raz by Invader-Matt
Armored Raz
Basically just Raz in ceremonial Royal Armor, Just a little thing I wanted to do. :)

I wanted to try for a organic look to the chest area. 
Prince Raziel by Invader-Matt
Prince Raziel
It's been a LONG time since I drew my main oc Raz. So I thought I would give him a updated look and backstory.

As you can see he more greatly resembles his mother chrysalis. A noticable thing is that his wings are "undamaged' as in they have no holes.
This is simply due a recessive gene.
The Scar on his chest is a injury he had when he was very little.
His horn is also less... extreme then most of his ancestors.

His pony form is vastly different. Where as before he was still just as grey as his changeling self. He is now a grey-white with blue hair. He is no longer a alicorn (a stupid folly on my part when first creating him) but a modest unicorn. He keeps the scar in pony form as a sort of reminder as to who he really is.

As for personality...

He's honest, but struggles to tell the truth sometimes when nervous about the outcome.
Polite, he is royalty after all. Though he can be more crass when his buttons are pushed.
A bit of a free-radical. Tries to think of new ways to solve problems, some not very popular.
Dodges royal responsibilities sometimes, as he is the likely choice the throne he is extremely nervous about his future as King and would much rather prefer his sister Samaria instead. 
A bit cocky and sarcastic.


Shapeshifting (that's a given)

Adept in magical combat, force spells, shields, energy blasts, ect.

Potion brewer in spare time, though not very good at it.

Extremely short-range teleportation. (within a 5ft radius)

Limited invisibility.

Skilled with spear and shield.

Mother: Queen Chrysalis
Father: King Silus
Older Sister: Samaria
Younger Brother: Noir

Relationship Status: Single

Titles: Prince, Captain of the guard,.... and Ponies the Get-together: Dungeon Master. (See comic: Naiegh Anything)

Commission slots:

1: (open)
2: (open)
3: (open)

Note: I will only take 3 commissions at a time. First come, first served.
Note: I do not do Backgrounds as of yet
Note: You pay upfront upon my acception of the Commission
Note: I have the right refuse to take any commission
Note: I will need your Email (Gmail) to send you your commission
Note: If you are unsatisfied with the product please send me a note explaining (in detail) what the problem is. I will then fix your commission at no extra charge. If you are still unsatisfied I will refund your points.

Now here's what I offer:

Customs: If you want me to do a special, custom made pony then tell me the specifics and maybe a reference photo.
Price: 30:iconpointsplz:
Breedables: You can ask for a breedable, just tell me who you want and i'll use all of my creative prowess to make 6 different fillies/colts/ect. Then you pick one for free and the rest go up for adoption. (Reference Photos for OC's needed)
Price: 30:iconpointsplz:
EQG style: Have a OC that you want in the Equestria Girls style? Let me know and I'll send your OC through the magic mirror. (Reference Photos for OC's needed)
Price: 25:iconpointsplz:
OC's: Do you want your OC in the style of the show? Let me know and your OC will look like it came straight out of the show. (Reference Photos needed)
Price: 20:iconpointsplz:
Regular Com: Ocs, main cast, pairings, ect. (Reference Photos for OC's needed)
Price: 15:iconpointsplz:
Ponified: I'll turn characters from TV, Anime, Cartoons, or games, Into ponies. 
Price: 25:iconpointsplz:
Changelings: Changelings are my specialty. Want your OC or another character as a changeling? (Reference Photos for OC's needed)
Price: 20:iconpointsplz:
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