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Madam Webb by Invader-Matt
Madam Webb
Also known as Arachne, Webb's past is unknown to all but a handful her most trusted friends. She is a long time family friend to the Changeling Royal family. She is also the royal seamstress and midwife of several queens, helping to birth and care for the royal children. And as seamstress she creates nearly every piece of clothing that the royalty wear. She takes great pride in her work and boasts that she is the greatest seamstress in the world.

Many challengers have faced her but none could match the beauty, elegance, and form of her work.
Some call her the Queen of the Spiders as she can command any arachnid to her whim. And she is rumored to be the ancestor to a large portion of Equestria's spiders.

She makes her home deep within the Changeling castle and travels along the walls and ceiling. Sh likes to scare the servants by capturing them and webbing them to the wall.

But despite her appearance and her tendency to scare. She is lighthearted individual, and very optimistic.

(I would really like some feedback on this one. I want to know what you guys think. Any criticism is okay.)   

(Also bonus points to anyone who gets the references in her story)
King Imperus by Invader-Matt
King Imperus
Husband of Queen Anahi and father of Chrysalis

Imperus was born to a General father and a scholar mother. From a very young age he wanted to follow in his father's hoofsteps. He joined the military at a very young age and his ambition made him steadily climb the ranks until he was Queen Anahi's second in command as her head general.

Anahi Admired him greatly and soon the fell in love. Not long after the were wed and had their daughter... Chrysalis. 
Queen Anahi by Invader-Matt
Queen Anahi
Queen Anahi, daughter of Monothis and Venacia and the mother of Chrysalis. She is a rare white changeling. Much like a white tiger this is a result of a genetic defect. And like the white tiger she was prized for her beauty. She is held in high regard as one of the most beautiful changelings to ever live. Only female changelings can be born white, but at the cost of their shape-shifting ability. Anahi could not change her appearance, though she could still preform magic.

As a symbol of beauty she would often wear valuable jems and gold trinkets. But for all her beauty Anahi was very insecure about herself, she took others opinions seriously and feared that without her beauty she would be nothing. This also made her very vain and harsh to those who dared to criticize her, both her appearance and her position as queen. She cares for no one outside the royal family and will openly mock nobility in the kingdom.

Her white coat and her cold and harsh attitude earned her the nickname of The Ice Queen.

A name she held with pride 

Commission slots:

1: (open)
2: (open)
3: (open)

Note: I will only take 3 commissions at a time. First come, first served.
Note: I do not do Backgrounds as of yet
Note: You pay upfront upon my acception of the Commission
Note: I have the right refuse to take any commission
Note: I will need your Email (Gmail) to send you your commission
Note: If you are unsatisfied with the product please send me a note explaining (in detail) what the problem is. I will then fix your commission at no extra charge. If you are still unsatisfied I will refund your points.

Now here's what I offer:

Customs: If you want me to do a special, custom made pony then tell me the specifics and maybe a reference photo.
Price: 30:iconpointsplz:
Breedables: You can ask for a breedable, just tell me who you want and i'll use all of my creative prowess to make 6 different fillies/colts/ect. Then you pick one for free and the rest go up for adoption. (Reference Photos for OC's needed)
Price: 30:iconpointsplz:
EQG style: Have a OC that you want in the Equestria Girls style? Let me know and I'll send your OC through the magic mirror. (Reference Photos for OC's needed)
Price: 25:iconpointsplz:
OC's: Do you want your OC in the style of the show? Let me know and your OC will look like it came straight out of the show. (Reference Photos needed)
Price: 20:iconpointsplz:
Regular Com: Ocs, main cast, pairings, ect. (Reference Photos for OC's needed)
Price: 15:iconpointsplz:
Ponified: I'll turn characters from TV, Anime, Cartoons, or games, Into ponies. 
Price: 25:iconpointsplz:
Changelings: Changelings are my specialty. Want your OC or another character as a changeling? (Reference Photos for OC's needed)
Price: 20:iconpointsplz:
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