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MLP Mythology: Nagas by Invader-Matt
MLP Mythology: Nagas
Nagas are a race of nomadic snake people who live in the arid mountains and deserts in the far south of Equestria. As such they are poorly documented as they wary of most outsiders and due to their nomadic life-style they are never in one place for more than a month or two at a time.

Tribes are governed by a the oldest and wisest and have a strict sense of honor and duty. Every Naga must pull their weight in each tribe and laziness while on duty is discouraged.

Males are are simply known as Nagas while Females are called Nagi.
Naga males tend to be slightly smaller than females but larger males are not uncommon. They are often away hunting for food or defending the nests while females tend to the young. Males also have large hood on their heads similar to cobras that flare up when threatened. Males tend to wear brightly colored cloaks with pieces of armor

Females are larger and tend to be more aggressive as well, they socialize with other females often and have strong familial bonds. They can be hard-headed, and quick to anger but quick to forgive as well. Nagi lack the hood that males do but wear elaborate cloaks with hoods. These cloaks are a source of individuality for nagi and no two cloaks are the same.   

Nagas and Nagis are known for their strength, supernatural
 wisdom, and good looks. Like other races, Nagas show wisdom and concern for others but also cowardice and injustice. Nagas are long-lived and potentially dangerous. Some groups are opportunistic robbers while others are friendly and pleasant. Nagas also serve as protectors and guardians of treasure often hiding treasure deep in caves.  
Governess Saphira by Invader-Matt
Governess Saphira
Governess Saphira is the leader of the Angling Hive (in our world a mayor) The Angling Hive is responsible for constructing Aqueducts that transport water to the capitol city and The Honis hive as well as providing fish and other sea life for food.

As such they have adapted to be more fish like, as they have fins on their back legs and fin-like wings. As well as gills that let them breath underwater. The hive it's self is inside a massive, partially flooded cave, where they build into the very walls of the cave. Making them excellent stone-workers.

Saphira is a quite soul, preferring to let her actions speak for her. She speaks only when needed, and makes herself well understood so she need not repeat herself. Unlike Mellifera who's workplace could be mistaken for a madhouse. Saphira's job is much more layed back but not any less important. Fish is a big part of the changeling diet, and she's in charge of it all.

But under her calm demeanor Saphira has a passionate heart and sometimes wishes she could let go of her reservations.  Nowhere is this more present then her feelings for Prince Raziel as she tries desperately to let go and tell him how she feels but her fears keep her restrained. 
Governess Mellifera by Invader-Matt
Governess Mellifera
Mellifera or Mell is the Governess (in our world a mayor) in the Changeling Kingdom. She oversees the Honis Hive, which is actually a massive tree miles wide. The hive is responsible for the pollination and harvesting of crops and plants for the Kingdom.

As such changelings apart of the Honis hive have adapted to such needs, having lighter bodies, larger wings, and pin-point hooves to delicately maneuver, and carry large loads. They also produce honey which is a highly sought after product in the kingdom. Similar to honey from bees but has a healing effect, which is why it is used as everything from medicine to spa treatments.

Mellifera oversees all of the work and her days are filled with organizing what many would consider a chaotic workplace. She is meticulous in detail and has an eye for the smallest changes. She's quick thinking and fast moving, giving the impression of hyperactivity. many have a hard time keeping up with her as she seems to fail in realizing that not everybody is as fast as her.

(for a frame of reference she's basically Mordin Soulus from Mass Effect) 

Commission slots:

1: (open)
2: (open)
3: (open)

Note: I will only take 3 commissions at a time. First come, first served.
Note: I do not do Backgrounds as of yet
Note: You pay upfront upon my acception of the Commission
Note: I have the right refuse to take any commission
Note: I will need your Email (Gmail) to send you your commission
Note: If you are unsatisfied with the product please send me a note explaining (in detail) what the problem is. I will then fix your commission at no extra charge. If you are still unsatisfied I will refund your points.

Now here's what I offer:

Customs: If you want me to do a special, custom made pony then tell me the specifics and maybe a reference photo.
Price: 30:iconpointsplz:
Breedables: You can ask for a breedable, just tell me who you want and i'll use all of my creative prowess to make 6 different fillies/colts/ect. Then you pick one for free and the rest go up for adoption. (Reference Photos for OC's needed)
Price: 30:iconpointsplz:
EQG style: Have a OC that you want in the Equestria Girls style? Let me know and I'll send your OC through the magic mirror. (Reference Photos for OC's needed)
Price: 25:iconpointsplz:
OC's: Do you want your OC in the style of the show? Let me know and your OC will look like it came straight out of the show. (Reference Photos needed)
Price: 20:iconpointsplz:
Regular Com: Ocs, main cast, pairings, ect. (Reference Photos for OC's needed)
Price: 15:iconpointsplz:
Ponified: I'll turn characters from TV, Anime, Cartoons, or games, Into ponies. 
Price: 25:iconpointsplz:
Changelings: Changelings are my specialty. Want your OC or another character as a changeling? (Reference Photos for OC's needed)
Price: 20:iconpointsplz:
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